FoCL is a non-profit partner with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and local organizations interested in the well-being of the Coralville Lake. 

FOCL is committed to enhancing the recreational and aesthetic values of the area it serves, by connecting the people of the local community with the land through its three core values: communication, education, and conservation.

Our Mission

To enhance Coralville Lake and the surrounding land by bringing together organizations, businesses and individuals.


We incorporated on June 16, 2016. Check out our Facebook page to view past and upcoming projects.

Board of Directors

  • DERRICK PARKER:  President

    • Set the direction of the organization from input from the board and members

    • Set and lead the board meetings

    • Ensure the bylaws and best practices are followed for the organization

    • Represent FoCL at events

    • Drive common agreement and direction between the board

    • Ensure fiduciary compliance and communication

Derrick works for ACT as a Product Management Program Director. He takes full advantage of the area, by biking (road and mountain), canoeing, fishing, snowmobiling, ATVing, hiking, hunting and camping.

  • JON KOUKNEL: Vice President

    • Assume and perform the duties and responsibilities of the President during the President's absence.

    • Develop and implement officer transition plans.

    • Oversee special projects and committees.

    • Assign members to special projects and events. 

    Thomas is a retired Mechanical Engineer who has lived on the Coralville Lake for more than 20 years. He enjoys the area by hiking, bird watching, cross country skiing, and fishing.

  • MICHAEL MCCURRY:  Secretary

    • Take notes during meetings and distribute the minutes to FoCL members.

    • Maintain an archive of meeting minutes.

Michael has taught/coached in the Cedar Rapids Community School District for the pasty 30 years. He enjoys horseback riding out of Upmier Stables and along Coralville Lake. 

  • JASON STARKE: Marketing & Communications Director

    • Maintain the FoCL social media presence (website, Facebook, and twitter).

    • Communicate volunteer opportunities to FoCL members and friends.

Jason is the owner of Paramount Research.  Most of his time at Coralville Lake is spent bike riding, hiking. and playing frisbee golf.  

  • TOM WELLS: Treasurer

    • Record, track and report all funds received and expended

    • Assure required reports and tax forms are submitted in a timely manner

    • Write policies and procedures for collection and handling of money

    • In addition: Maintaining membership lists and sending membership letters

Tom is a retired flight controller. He is an avid bicyclist and enjoys bird watching on his time off. 

press releases

Friends of Coralville Lake has been formed to enhance the  Coralville Lake area

Coralville, IA, December, 2016 – The Friends of Coralville Lake (FoCL) was incorporated on June 16th, 2016. FoCL is a volunteer-driven organization that works with the U.S. Corp of Engineers to enhance the recreational and aesthetic value of the Coralville Lake area.  

FoCL was formed by a group of environmentally-conscious individuals who saw an opportunity to connect organizations, businesses and individuals to help in the management and stewardship of the Coralville Lake area. In order to achieve their vision, FoCL needs the support of the community. Individuals can become FoCL members, participate in events and attend meetings. Members help decide which projects are selected and elect members to the Board of Directors. Those interested in becoming members can sign up at the FoCL website.  Individuals can help spread the word about FoCL by liking their Facebook page.   

FoCL and the Corps of Engineers will be having a public meeting on January 18th at the Coralville Lake Welcome Center at 6:30 pm (2850 Prairie Du Chien Rd NE, Iowa City) to share information with the community and respond to questions.  
Visit the FoCL website ( to learn more about this organization and its’ vision for helping enhance the Coralville Lake area. 

FoCL ByLaws

Here is a link to download the intderim FoCL Bylaws.